Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Favorite Daughter..My Favorite Son

My Girly-Girl and Free-Spirited Son: They are different in SO many ways but they do have some of the same great qualities. They are very bright, passionate, good-natured, responsible, dependable, determined, tenacious, respectful, hard working, and animal lovers. The hard working quality is more geared toward working outside of our home..of course!
It is a rare occasion to get them to pose for a picture together. I certainly grab the opportunity every chance that I can get.

Last Saturday we had an open house for my daughter's College Graduation.
My son is currently working on driving lessons.

I am blessed and very proud.

They are my favorites!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kitchen Favorites

I purchased this ceramic plaque from a Covered Bridge Festival. The sad thing is it fell over when I displayed it and it cracked in half. I was upset. It was too cute to throw away, so a little glue and I keep it above my kitchen cabinets. You cannot see the crack from there.
I purchased this wine holder from the same festival! I love the colors and the painted roses.
A teapot cookie jar that I received as a housewarming gift from a relative that has sinced passed. The top cup removes to store your cookies in! This also sits atop the cabinets. I do not want this broken.
The Covered Bridge Festival has lots of great finds. I purchased these two pitchers from there. I love the vintage look and colors.

Thanks for looking...show me your kitchen favorites

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Votes are In..

Thank you everyone who voted and voted for me!!
I did not win the amazing desk, but I did win a prize.
My desk will now be moisture and spill free.
I won the Scrap Ma Bob. I will take pictures of it attached to my desk/table when it arrives:D

Getting ready for my daughter's graduation celebration next Saturday. I haven't accomplished anything for it yet. Shame Shame. I guess I work better under pressure;) Relatives coming in from out of town. It will be nice to see them all. Haven't seen my 6 yr old niece or 1 1/2 yr old nephew since last year at this time. I bet they have grown!!!

My son is taking driving lessons right now. He could have his license in 3 weeks!!! Nail biting here...
Purchased this from Stef and I just love it. You really need to check out her shop. Very pretty things there.
Purchased this from Ellia Greenbeanbaby. I haven't received it yet, but I KNOW I am just going to love it. Her cut paper illustrations are too cute and so original! She is a sweet gal too! Check out her shop greenbeanbaby

Thanks for stopping in,