Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mr. Kane blogging?

Attention fellow bloggers:

Mr Kane will be starting his own blog. Lori has reminded me of Kane maybe starting his own blog.

I indeed have photos of him that he can begin blogging away. Maybe he will be better at updating his blog more than I do.

Just need to committ to a blog title now. King Kane the Kanine , Kane and his Kanine Kapers, or That's Mr. Kane to you!

Taking votes-please comment which one you like or you may even make up your own!


Julie(~~) & Kane


Steph said...

I like "That's Mr. Kane to you" blog! I enjoyed my visit. Your little glittery cottages are adorable!



Paper Cat Designs said...

I like the Kanine Kapers one.

Nina said...

I like "That's Mr.Kane to you"
Sweet blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr.Kane..I think you would like Princess CeCe!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Well, I vote for Kane and his Kanine Kapers! Perfect. I mentioned my dog doing a blog a couple of Tuesdays ago. I called it the Life and Times of a Naughty Poodle. Thanks for commenting on our blog! I appreciate the comments and I always enjoy meeting new people and seeing their blogs! Have a great day and good luck on Lollishops! Twyla

jenny holiday said...

Oooh I am loving this guy!! Such a handsome fella!! There was a rapper back when I was a kid..Big Daddy Kane..LOL

Thanks so so much for your super sweet words over at my blogiversary party! :) IT means so so much to me!!

Blogland is so much fun!! I am thankful everyday for all of the amazing people such as yourself!

Thanks for sharing your world with me as well!!

Happy Blogging!!
xoxo Jenny

Pieceful Bits said...

LOL Jenny..Hubby says he remembers Big daddy old school rapper. Ha