Friday, September 19, 2008

Hare's what's coming to my mailbox!!!

Look what is on its way to my mailbox^^^ Elizabeth from Creative Breathing is sending this to lil ole me <3.>
Don't you just love random acts of kindness and flickr? I have quite a few wonderful contacts. I look forward to visiting their streams daily.
Please comment about any rak you have received through blogging/flickr.
I would luv to hear about them.
Have a great weekend...(~~) Julie


Anonymous said...

of course, you are one of my inspirational contacts! and one who sows random acts of kindness... flickr is a wonderful place to feel uplifted when the days seem a bit rough... i rarely get a chance to check out blogs now [as i speak, diego was home from school and the two kids are on opposite pages]

anyhow, i love love love your glitter houses!!

Sweetina said...

Tha is such a lovely act of friendship for both of you! I love your Autumn glitter cottage and Mary will be over the moon!!!

Anonymous said...