Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Finds

Such a gorgeous Fall? day in Indiana. Honestly it is 80 degrees and that is not our usual weather, so I am considering it a bonus day. Made a quick trip to our local flea market and found these:

The 5 books were $2.00 and they are from the 1950's. The illustrations are the cutest. Three vintage ribbons for 1.00. The sweet baby carriage ornament was 10 cents. I think I am going to change the pillow and the ribbon to pink:) The glass thingy was 25 cents and has an aluminun stirrer. I have never seen anything like it before.

Happy Fall




Melissa said...

Hello~I was stopping by as a fellow Lollishops gal to say hello and add myself as a follower to your blog. So many cute things here! I cant wait for lollishops to open.
Stop by and visit if you have a chance

treasurefield said...

You've never seen one of those glass thingies before? Oh, dear, you must be really young!

My grandmother had a set of those. They were plastic, but made the same. I don't remember having especially fun drinks in them --probably lemonade-- but they seemed so special.

Bet you'll find something sweet to transform your finds!
See you in the LolliShops guild!
alisa R. :)

Chelsea Ling said...

great finds!!!!!

Gail said...

You've been tagged, please go to my blog for info on what to do!
Hope your week is fabulous!