Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kitchen Favorites

I purchased this ceramic plaque from a Covered Bridge Festival. The sad thing is it fell over when I displayed it and it cracked in half. I was upset. It was too cute to throw away, so a little glue and I keep it above my kitchen cabinets. You cannot see the crack from there.
I purchased this wine holder from the same festival! I love the colors and the painted roses.
A teapot cookie jar that I received as a housewarming gift from a relative that has sinced passed. The top cup removes to store your cookies in! This also sits atop the cabinets. I do not want this broken.
The Covered Bridge Festival has lots of great finds. I purchased these two pitchers from there. I love the vintage look and colors.

Thanks for looking...show me your kitchen favorites


Jayme said...

oh those are all so pretty! I've never seen anything like that tea cup cookie jar~

When the light is better in the kitchen tomorrow I'll have to take pics of my kitchen favorites.

You are WAY more talented than I Miss Julie.

Are you going to get your name in my drawing??

LillySue said...

LOVE your treasures!!

Jemjoop said...

Oh I love peeking at people's lovely finds. You've got some pretty things in there!

Diane said...

That is too bad about the break, it is so strange now with everyones kitchens having granite and or tile the minute you drop anything it is history.
Hugs, Diane

creative breathing said...

Oh those roses are so you! When you said Covered Bridges festival I thought Indiana! Sure enough, I see you are from there. (sorry for my short term memory) If ever you chance through Rushville, be sure to stop at Elizabeth's Keepsakes right in the center of town. This is my husband's first wife's shop, and it is an antique mall! She also has the best food for lunch. A beautiful little town. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! E

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Julie!!

What CUTE kitchen treasures you found! A covered bridges festival sounds like so much fun! I love that wine holder, the roses are so pretty! Love the sweet tile too and the cookie jar is so neat, I have never seen one like it!


chou said...

What fun!