Friday, December 4, 2009

Wishing you a season filled with sweetness.

To start this post...the sweetest ornaments of all from Mary. They are just gorgeous. Thank you Mary!

Look at all those sequins and beads.
Beware there are lots of pink pictures coming up!!! Warning~Pink overload!!
Proceed with Caution~ Mary sent me this wreath last year.
I have 3 pink trees. Each one is a different theme. This is my Sweet Tree. All things sweet of course.

These yummy cupcake ornaments were purchased from Renegade Rose last year.

The largest pink tree has silver & pink variegated glass bulbs that I bought from Dollar Tree after Christmas for 50 cents a box. Each box had 6 ornaments. What a deal.

Like this view very much.
And this view too...
Before decorating the trees' pink lights are very pink. I might switch to white lights next year.
The smallest pink tree is adorned with vintage ornaments. Most of them are wooden.

See The circus wagon at the bottom? I was going to make something creative with it..but I've changed my mind.

The best thing of all~~~ My mom bought these trees for me after Christmas last year and they were almost giving them away!!! I found these tags in the box after opening it today. I tossed the tags back in the empty box. I love a great deal!

I will be posting more pictures over the next few days ~ visit again soon.
Happy Holidays


Nina said...

Wow lovely decorations and tress and what a deal!!

Pieceful Bits said...

Thanks Nina! I forgot to mention the final price was under $5.00 for 3 trees:D

milk and cookeez said...

Julie I love your pink trees. the wooden ornaments are just adorable.
Thanks for sharing.

littlethings1 said...

that is quite the deal with the tree's !!!They are adorable !! Thanks for following me !!
The Little Things