Thursday, September 9, 2010

Halloween Along

As if you do not know Elizabeth from Creative Breathing but I am following her Halloween Garland Along.
Itchy and Scratchy throat makes for 2 sick days from work. Makes time for some needed creativity.
I found some vintage Offray Halloween craft ribbon in my stash. I ran a double gathering stitch down the center using my sewing machine. It has black owls on it and is so retro. It will be the base for the garland.
I cannot bear to think of all the water I have drank in the last few days. Fluids, fluids, fluids.
Does anyone else do this? I always mark my water bottle with my initial. I do not want cootie germs!!! I do not share drinks or eats and definitely no double dipping. That's odd, the cootie germs got to me anyway :(

Will post the finished Halloween Garland Along when completed and hopefully I will be 100 percent by then.



sassypackrat said...

Oh you're doing the Halloween Garland! I haven't finished the Gnome Garland yet but hope to soon so I can do the Halloween one too.