Sunday, October 24, 2010

Snow Happy

Sweet Sugar Cookies...these have to be my favorite pom poms so far.

Yes, that is a fake sugar cookie around this sweet bird's neck and Blue peppermint chenille stems for legs.

Mint green and Pink glitter cottage and how cute is that mini pink tree? Ready or not Snow is going to fall soon.

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Hold the phone...we are interrupting this regularly scheduled blog for some sweet baby time! A little visit yesterday with my great nephew, Caleb. It was a pleasure to cradle him in my arms until he fell asleep.

3 Peppermint Red Bluebirds are flying south for the winter.
Sweet things in life...

A little needed pumpkin time before the trip southward.

Some more poses with Mr. Pumpkin. They are going to miss him but the warmer weather sure is calling their names.

WARNING: If you are may not want to view this last photo as I know you are not fond of scary Halloween. Close your eyes now and scroll quickly ...

Dear hubby cut these last year for my daughter and her boyfriend. Didn't they do a great job?!!

Happy Halloween


Tracy Suzanne said...

Hi Julie. I've just been looking over your last few post and if it was 2am, I'd be eeekkking and screaming all over the place. Oh how much I love all the goodies you've made!!! Just all if it. I want all of it! You and E have the best eye and talent.

Hugs...Tracy :)

Holiday Sparkle - Cyndi LaChance said...

Oh, I just love these in red - HOW CUTE!!!!

Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

I adore your pompoms! Now, you can take that however you want to, but I'm talking about your crafts. I still have my little bunnies that Paula gave me. That house - I want to eat it!

LBP said...

Your pom-pom birdies are so cute! I love the snow birds! Tell hubby good job on the tombstones!

Happy Halloween!


Creative Breathing said...

EEP, EEP I am sooo in love with your Sugar Cookie Peeps! Oh my gosh don't tempt me! E

Creative Breathing said...

Oh my I am in love with your Sugar Cookies!!! I think you have come up with next year's theme; so keep a few handy!!! Your graveyard was wonderful! If you only could have seen the spectacle in my front yard complete with a bloody vampire, EEIK! I was not a happy camper! I always love hearing from you Julie! E