Saturday, February 12, 2011

Just in time for Valentines

With not a minute to spare. The little pink lighted tree is loaded with Valentine goodies.
It may even be overloaded...but can you have too many pretties and sweets?
My heart from E...very special to my heart.

One of my pink lovebirds. Can you see the pipe cleaner garland?

One of my small cupcake cottage ornaments...sugary sweet for sure~

A variegated pom pom with rick rack hanger.

I love those milky white glass bulbs. Also added some vintage ribbon still on wooden spools.

I spy a red glitter lollipop in the background :)

Wooden Cherries hiding in the back.

Lots of goodies right there ^

Purchased those glittery puffy hearts from Dollar Tree...8 in a pack. They will appear again on this post.

And there are more glittery puffy hearts. Used some sea salt I had hanging around in the pantry for years to a pretty glass vase. A pretty pink polka dot ribbon ties it up. The Vintage Valentine cupid clown is from Mary. You have to see her collections.

2 more pink trees that I boxed back up..need more Valentine goodies to fill them up~

Some red ceramic cardinals to top off the shelf <3

Happy Valentine's Day Weekend,