Sunday, August 7, 2011

Family reunion

33rd annual Richardville Reunion. This car was in the neighbor's yard. The perfect color of aqua.
Friendly competition of volleyball going on.
My sweet great aunt Mickey (the eldest at the reunion at 92) She is a gem. Talking with my sis.

Trampoline fun,

Cheesy smiles,
and my great nephew Caleb charming everyone.
My beautiful daughter, Ashley getting shade under the tree.


Creative Breathing said...

Julie, this is such a wonderful post! I can feel your joy at being with your family coming through your words and photos.
No screen saver? Now you've got me stumped! What is there when you turn your computer on.
You have made me smile, as always. E

Diane Mars said...

What a lovely family, I bet you had a great time it is always fun to have family reunions. Hugs, Diane