Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pain in the Neck

This is me for the last 2 days. Wait, I know what you're thinking. I'm not the happy, cooking housewife. What am I referring to is the appearance of her having a stiff neck. It is very unnatural to have a stiff neck and pain. I feel like a robot.

I did hold my head upright enough to list this cottage. It wasn't easy.

I love how the pink and green go together. It reminds me of spring.

I will not be terribly upset if this cottage does not sell...just sayin'.

On the other hand, I will be terribly upset if this neck pain doesn't subside by tomorrow.
Ibuprofen, water, heating pad, and ice pack are my best friends today.

Hope you're having a fabulous day,



Adrienne's Whimsies said...

neck pain is the Worst!!!! you poor gal! the cottage is adorable though!!!

Jane said...

The cottage is gorgeous! Hope your neck pain goes away super fast!!!