Saturday, March 10, 2012

Face It

Just a quick blog note.

Took this photo with my phone on our fast-paced Sunday walk.

I love our Sunday walks...they are invigorating and the girls get to dish.

Face it: girls need to dish.

Face it: a girl needs her exercise.

Face it: Life is a Journey...

Doesn't it remind you of Oscar the Grouch?

Face it: It is illegal to steal rocks from someone's yard.
I am tempted to knock on the front door and ask if it is for sale.

Face it: That makes me sound like a crazy girl.

I would love to put this "face it" rock in my garden to welcome visitors may they be grumpy or happy. It would be sure to make them smile.

Did you know I have a "Face It" board on Pinterest.

Face it: I do ;)

Did you know I have a "Rock It" board on Pinterest.

Face it: I do.

Face it: I'm addicted to Pinterest.


A purple door can be found on our neighborhood walk too.
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Debby said...

when I was a little girl I would have my neighbors sign a paper that said I could take rocks from their driveways. I bet they thought I was weird then.
It does look like Oscar.

Shirley Hatfield said...

I am visiting you for the first time...I appreciate the cute, nice thing you wrote on Elizabeth's blog. So I will be following you as well. Loved this "Face it" post!