Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lollishop Preview and Sneak Peek

Since beta Lollishops is opening very very soon, I have 2 more sneak peeks for my gingerbread house. The contest is December 1! I added some more small details to it today.

A pretty dove ornament for your tree. This ornament looks the same on both sides.
Here are some more of my mini cupcake ornaments. I need to work on some pink ones now!

Have a great weekend,



milk and cookeez said...

OH it's looking so beautiful- I love the cupcake ornaments. i cant wait to see teh whole thing :)

snowflakesoneyelashes said...

You are soooo bad, you like teasing us!!! Only 2 whole weeks before we get to see. I like the way you are doing the outline on the cupcakes, they look 3-D.

Diane said...

You little tease.. looks yummy I sure hope you are making more then one!
Hugs, Diane

Kathy said...

Hi there~
I wanted to come by and thank your for visiting my blog and wishing me a Happy day! Thanks for entering my giveaway and I do hope to visit with you soon.