Sunday, August 30, 2009

Typical ME

Typical me...I should know better than to place my coffee cup next to my water cup. It was bound to happen! Thank goodness I noticed it before I took a sip.

They are almost the same color. I am sure they do not taste the same.
A new cup with fresh coffee in its designated spot. No confusing cups now.

Now back to my glitter

Sunday, August 23, 2009

How Boo tiful!

This weekend brought cool air to our region. A great time to start on some glittery Halloween items for the shop! Lime green, orange, purple, and black are all great Halloween colors.

Purple stars are yet to come. Check back soon for the shop update!
What do you think about my haunted houses?? Okay hubby informed me they are Spooky churches, just as well. Does it matter what kind of structure it is? If it is haunted it is haunted!! These will be listed in a few days if I decide to sell them. Want to see what everyone thinks first;)