Thursday, April 30, 2009

Aqua and Pink, Pink and Aqua

A very popular combination of colors. I have had quite a few requests for these colors for my cupcake cottages. These photos should satisfy your need for aqua and pink!
Some are still available

Cotton Candy

Okay these are not aqua and pink..but a very nice combo still-pink and green!



Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hope everyone had a joyous Easter!

My Niece: Would you like to buy a candy bar for my softball team? They cost a dollar. There are 4 different kinds.

I found all the hidden eggs.

Just tell the teenagers that the hidden eggs are filled with money..they will come.
Now back to work and school-spring break is over.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

11 cupcake cottages

Finally finished...ta daaaaa! 11 fabulous cupcake cottages...mwahhhahhhaa. Does that remind you of the Count on Sesame Street;)? These are for a custom order. Hope to list them tonight.

School, Fall, and Halloween. The Halloween fringe needs a little persuasion to relax a little!

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Winter. Winter is one of my favorites.

Valentine, St Patricks, and Easter. The Easter cottage is one of my favs too.

And last but not least...Summer and Texas themed. These 2 gave me the most challenge!!!

See I had to take a shot of my 2 favorites together!

Showing the bandana walkway. Not sure if it is clear enough to see it here.

And last but defintely not LEAST------
For a super generous giveaway visit Melissa's blog

This would help me get back to my scrapbooking, cardmaking, and general all around playing with paper..WOOWoo.

Happy Easter

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The "finisher"

I am #62 and my sister/best friend is to the right of me..she is the one that dragged me into this!

Just call me the finisher! Ran my first ever 5k race. For those of you that are unfamiliar that is 3.1 miles. I dont know if it was considered a race for me. I was just happy to finish with out fainting. It was close at the end. My arms started to tingle and fall asleep from the elbow down and then I started to get a little anxious. This all happened about 1 minute from the finish line...of course. My head started to get a little fuzzy and then I stopped and 2 team members told me to put my hands on top of my head. I continued to walk for a minute and then finally trotted to the finish line. My time was 43 minutes. I did not get exact time because by this time I was ticked that I almost finished without incident!! I even ran up the 250 yard hill just before the end of the race.

Do you think I am finished there??? NOOO I just signed up for 16 weeks of training to run a 5 mile trail run at the end of July. Take a deep breath and relax. I keep telling myself that. I will FINISH. I am sure I will be at the back of the pack, but not too shabby for a 43 year old female that is very short and has a very small stride - And not to mention I have never competed in any sports or had any real exercise schedule. The couch has been my best friend for the past 2 years!

If I can do it, you can do matter what it is, try something challenging or different. You will be amazed on much better you will feel about yourself and you may get healthier too!

I have lots of pictures to take of sweet things that I have received in the last week in the mail. Just waiting for a sunshiney day to take the pictures. So, check back in a few days to see all the goodies.