Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Something about Mary...
I am so thankful for flickr and the blog world especially since I have discovered so many nice people out there. Mary is one of those special ladies. She is very thoughtful and I consider her a friend even though we live states apart. I think we connected when we found out we had the same birthday!! Then we discovered we had some other things in common...weight, height, and looking young for our age(yes I am one year older than her). She spoils me with surprises in the snail mail. I get all giddy and smiley:D The other day I received one of those surprise packages and it had 2 unfinished cardboard houses in it. One is this cottage and the other is a church I will glitter up for Christmas. So this is for Mary...yes, I am sending it back to her and not because I dont like it . Seems odd, but now it is all glittery and pretty for her autumn decorations. I know how much her children really like her to decorate for the holidays. That is how friendship works(~~) No sneak peeks here! It will be on its way to Mary's house tomorrow. Thanks Mary!!! check out her flickr

Hugs (~~) Julie

Friday, September 19, 2008

Hare's what's coming to my mailbox!!!

Look what is on its way to my mailbox^^^ Elizabeth from Creative Breathing is sending this to lil ole me <3.>
Don't you just love random acts of kindness and flickr? I have quite a few wonderful contacts. I look forward to visiting their streams daily.
Please comment about any rak you have received through blogging/flickr.
I would luv to hear about them.
Have a great weekend...(~~) Julie

Monday, September 15, 2008

Fall~around the Corner

Fall is just around the corner. The last 2 Halloween Cottages I am making. Mary has already spoken for the purple one:D Thanks Mary!!!

This one is sugary sweet with candy corn pillars and crepe paper ruffles. Good choice Mary;)

My little niece, Maria turned 5 and her big sister and brother bought her 2 gerbils. Mom had no idea!!
Wonder who is going to get cage cleaning duty?

Running the wheel, Maria was so excited to see them finally figure it out.

OLd run of the mill child's birthday cake...of course its sponge bob and patrick. She seems quite please with it.

Lastly, but defintely not least. Made some brownie bites for a candle party I hosted saturday night. Also tried Pomegranate Margaritas. Those are worth buying again!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Halloween Purpley Sugar Cottage

One more of my cottages this time in sugary purple. A ghostly roof, a trio of pumpkins, and a glitttery black cat are just some of the extras. I especially like the purple fence.

Look at the cute, I mean spooky ghosts on the roof top. At least they are happy:)

Have a spooktacular day!