Tuesday, December 27, 2011


You cannot do any better for a gift that is crafty, thrifty, and glittery all in one.
From humble beginnings glittery things can be made.

Crafted these for the all "girls" in my family. Yes, they are made from small treat boxes left from my bosses' Christmas gift basket. I saved them from the horrible landfill.

Used my favorite color combination of aqua, pink, and white.

You did know that picket fences always make for a good neighbor?
It does!
Not that I have bad neighbors or a picket fence;)

They are so sugary sweet I could just bite one.

Never mind me saving the world one box at a time.
Look out people, I have glitter....


Saturday, December 17, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things.

My favorite chair on the porch.

A very slight dusting of snow.

Picked up some nice evergreens on my Sunday walk.

Kane checking out the tractor we purchased for my dad.

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Autumn Catch Up

MY baby Jake turns 19.

Packed up all his stuff worldly possessions and saw him off to college.

Twenty minutes and he was already set up.

Parting shot with dad.

Parting shot with mom.
We haven't seen our son in two months!!
Next weekend he will be home for a few days.
I miss him.

My parents have reached a major milestone-Fifty years of marriage. This is their original wedding cake topper.

I was assigned the task of beautifying and updating it.
This is the revamped golden version.
The formal party is in a few weeks.
My task at hand is table favors, photo back drop, and card box.

Onward to Fall.

I just love my mini shovel I bought at my dad's yard sale.
A perfect size for my mini me size.

Spooky Halloween.

Mums are so beautiful.
I love all the colors there are to choose from.

Today was a great day to visit the local Flea Market.
I picked this little doggie for $2.00. He was pretty dirty.
I washed him ever so gently but he still lost a little more paint :(

After the Flea Market trip us girls and Caleb went to Buckley Homestead.

My niece Maria making her own candle.

Another trip and a dip.

One more time.

Some of the gang My daughter, Ashley, my nieces Jessi, Maria, and Catie.
The only boy of the group today was my great nephew, Caleb!

This picture makes me laugh.
Cowboy Character: Miss, can I see your camera.
Me: NO.
CC: Really?
Me: okay...
CC: Hold my sandwich.
Me: Can I eat your sandwich?
Cowboy then takes picture of himself.
CC: Yup, that looks pretty good. That will be a dollar please.
Me: Nope.
CC: I'm just joshing with ya.
Me: I know.

Caleb fascinated with some hay.

Such a lovable sweet boy.

My daughter and niece and their pretty smiles.

Take two--just in case someone didn't smile in the first one.

Random shooting scenes throughout the day.

Off to the Indian Camp and then the school house.

My niece was pushed happy to help Dr. Quackenbush's Magic Show.

What a priceless look and a good sport.

Hope to be back in a few weeks to share photos of my parent's party.

Happy Autumn



Sunday, August 7, 2011

Family reunion

33rd annual Richardville Reunion. This car was in the neighbor's yard. The perfect color of aqua.
Friendly competition of volleyball going on.
My sweet great aunt Mickey (the eldest at the reunion at 92) She is a gem. Talking with my sis.

Trampoline fun,

Cheesy smiles,
and my great nephew Caleb charming everyone.
My beautiful daughter, Ashley getting shade under the tree.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Out to Lunch

It has been a busy, busy summer. Hope to be back this fall.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Bark Bark, It's the Easter Puppy


Mr. Kane here and I am so embarrassed. This may ruin my reputation in the bully breed world.
A dog must do what a dog must do.

Spring is Nature's way of saying Let's Party! Robin Williams. I scored this free printable here. Seems like forever since sunshine and warm weather. It is finally creeping in Northwest Indiana.

Some of the peeps I've been working on for spring and Easter. I'm loving their lemon twist legs and their new hair accessories. They chose these instead of Easter bonnets. Don't want to mess up their fluffy feather heads.

The tiny purple peepette is fast becoming my bff!!! She's the sweetest! She is around 2 inches tall and just starting to learn to fly~~ In fact she hasn't even grown her wings yet. So her flying consists of hopping around...teehee.

My husband called these "Hello Bunnies". It reminds him of Hello Kitty. Just added pipe cleaners and stuck in a vase filled with rock salt. I may exchange the salt for pretty Easter grass as soon as I dig out my Easter decos. This picture was taken with my cell phone, hence the poor, poor quality.

So, so glad Spring is finally here!!

Happy Spring,


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