Sunday, February 21, 2010

All Together Now pretty in pink

Take a simple cheap inexpensive wooden frame
a couple of coats of pink craft paint (note: sand very lightly first to rough up the surface)
I used some leftover glaze that I used on my dining room set to grunge it up a bit and tone down the pinkness. The sweet paper cut illustration art was purchased from sweet Ellia. I chose a scrapbook paper to matte it with.
I received a special heart from a special gal last week. Visit Elizabeth's blog for wonderful blog posts and fun projects.
Elizabeth also sent me this tag earlier this year...don't you just love it. What a sweet dear she is.
Two women I have met online and am pleased to call them friends. Surely Pretty in Pink in my BOOK BLOG.

Hope your are having a happy Sunday

Saturday, February 13, 2010

BB Gun & Pit Bull

Before Picture:

The table top looks pretty worn out.

Hutch is almost finished. What? Doesn't everyone have a BB Gun and a Pit Bull in their dining room? The doors still need to be attached. I have to put the protective coat on yet.
These are the door handles. Should I leave them the same or change them up? Any suggestions?

Pretty happy with the way it all turned out. Will post more pictures when I paint the dining room. The dining room set will POP then!


Monday, February 8, 2010

Pit Boss

Kane sneaked into the picture. He even looks guilty here. This shot immediately reminded me of the Pit Boss. Must be the hat and the dog..hehe.
Winter formal pictures~My son and date.

Without the hat!
Time to dance. These are the only pictures I have from that night. Son forgot to get pictures taken at dance!!!! Geesh..I've waited 17 years for this.