Thursday, May 28, 2009

Scrap ma Bob

Scrap Ma Bob

If you scrapbook, this would be great for you! Well, even if you don't scrapbook this will help keep your work area moisture, spill, and clutter free.

While you are there is still time to vote for me..even if you have voted you are still allowed one vote a day. My Entry for Cutest Craft - Click Here!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Studio Part Two

Ribbon Storage Box

This Ribbon Storage Box holds up to 27 rolls of ribbons! You know you are going to need more than just one if you are like me!

This desk will fit right in my studio...It matches. I have all white furniture and shelving in my room!
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Another favorite part of my studio. This used to be (USED to be) my son's room. There is Snoopy the Red Baron still hanging from the ceiling fan. I think I will keep him there. Hubby designed this ceiling:D
I bought this cabinet at a thrift shop in Chicago for $5.00. I was going to paint it, but haven't gotten around to it. I am pretty sure it was hand made.
Take a peek inside & see where I can hide all my glitter and beads! My outdated t.v. probably from 1987! Is that considered vintage yet?
A few of my favorite things. Can you see the flowers, lollipops, and dollops in the sherbet dishes? My husband and daughter made this shelf over 10 years ago for her beanie babies.
More supplies and some vintage cards in their boxes.
I guess these photos were taken on May 16.
There's my vintage t.v. again and my guest's chair just in case a visitor pops in. One day I will have more comfy chairs for me and my visitors!
I received these shelving units a few years ago for Christmas from my hubby! This one holds all sorts of supplies and miscellaneous things I MAY need. My sewing machine is in the bottom drawer. The drawers roll out very nicely.
Looks like I need more paper!

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Shameless Plug

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Happy Memorial Day!!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Vote, Vote, Vote

Visit the Original Scrapbox and see their great storage units and they do not have to only be used with scrapbooking! I can imagine placing all my ribbons, rick racks, glitters, papers, doo dads, and more. I especially like the EZ view desk!!!

That would be a dream in my newly organized craft studio. Check out all their products, click below
The Original Scrapbox

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This is the photo I entered for the cutest craft contest

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Studio Part One

Beware this blogger post is image Heavy. I have more pictures but I will wait a few days before posting more of my studio.
In this shot you can see my "secret" stash of corrugated chipboard I use for my cupcake houses. It is like treasure when I come across this much at one time.

Here are some stamps that I am sad to say that I very rarely use anymore.
Here are some more rubber stamps that have been very lonely lately.
See..they are all still organized, so I know I have been neglecting them.
Here are some inspirations for my creations. I love childrens' books. Ernie is my favorite...long story short: My sister's favorite is Bert. The cupcake doll in the package at the top is a special gift from a dedicated customer. I couldn't bear to open the package as much as I really wanted to. She is vintage and she folds into this yummy cupcake!!!
Here you can see my newest creation Karnival Kitty now on sale at
3 mini cupcake cottages, some cute pom pom birds, and a few Polly Pocket houses sent to me from sweet Mary

I won the pin cushion from the amazing Elizabeth who is also very sweet She also sent me this bunny heart that my favorite bunny is holding.
More from Mary: I received the Polly Pocket clock for my birthday last year from her. We share the same birthday!! She also sent me this over the top cute Burger Stand.
This area holds a special place in my heart it is located just above my work area. My brother drew this pencil drawing in high school. My mother gave it to me last summer "insert tear here". The red vintage Tonka boat was also his, my father gave it to me last summer on the same day "insert another tear here". He has been gone from us for 25 years now and we all still miss him dearly.
A peek inside one of my cabinets. I paid 5 bucks for this at a yard sale last summer! It holds mostly ribbons, rick rack, and embroidery floss.
My daughter bought the planter for me a few years back for Valentines Day. The plant has died since then so I have added the great artificial ones that will live forever! 3 Rolls of vintage ribbon spools, a pink purse I bought for 50 cents and a Container from a friend that was filled with yummy teas and a tea cup to match the gift box are perched on my cabinet top.
The cabinet fit perfectly on my shelving unit that I already had. Love when that happens! The shelves are holding my felt, yarn, stamps, and patterns.
This is the closet and it actually is neat!!! This will not stay this way for long. I have my packaging supplies, paints, doo dads, and less often used items stored in here.
This shelving unit was also purchased at a yard sale last summer for $5.oo. The shelves can be moved for convenience.
A place to keep my friends' business cards and such. Are you up there?
Here she is Karnival Kitty in all her summertime glory!

A Yummy Lollipop and Butterfly Garland also can purchase at
On Monday May 18, 2009 I will be featured on Glitter and Grunge! This is the one item I have created for them to place on their website for a month! I am super excited!! It is a sugary sweet Cake Plaque for hanging in your sweet shoppe kitchen or craft room. I have included a hanger for hanging purposes or like pictured here it will also look nice on a shelf. Please visit me here:

More studio pictures in a few days. I think you have had your fill for the day!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

It has been an eventful week at our house.

Our son bought his very first vehicle...and the best part is he paid for it himself!!!

Our daughter turned 22 and we celebrated with a small gathering and serving ice cream cake and margaritas.I purchased this for myself for mother's day!
Check out Beth's shop. It arrived in a beautiful package and super fast speed! It was also a great buy in these struggling times! She has gorgeous necklaces.

Finally I will be featured on Glitter & Grunge blospot next week.
I will post more about it later.
Still working on what I will create. I have 3 ideas swirling in my head right now. Swirling is the key word;)

Hugs and hope everyone had a great Mom's Day-you deserve it!