Monday, May 18, 2009

Vote, Vote, Vote

Visit the Original Scrapbox and see their great storage units and they do not have to only be used with scrapbooking! I can imagine placing all my ribbons, rick racks, glitters, papers, doo dads, and more. I especially like the EZ view desk!!!

That would be a dream in my newly organized craft studio. Check out all their products, click below
The Original Scrapbox

Click here to vote

vote for me once a day! I can win a fabulous original Scrapbox Storage desk.

Here is my entry #284

Whoever has the most votes win!!

This is the photo I entered for the cutest craft contest

Thanks so much and tell all your blogger friends:O)



creative breathing said...

Julie, I love your blog! All your glittery wonderfulness in one place! Oh my gosh I hope you win that table! I will be sure and vote! Of course you can use any idea you come across in my crafts. Please do! Truly that is the purpose of my crafts. I am so grateful for all the inspiration that helps me craft and cope with this horrible OCD. I can't tell you how much I love your little pom poms. Now they are inspiring! Have a great week! Elizabeth

Barb said...

Hi Julie... Wouldn't it be great if you won! It looks like a fabulous craft organizer. My vote has been casted and I'll be rooting for you. Have a great day! barb

Nina said...

I do hope you win!!