Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Studio Part Two

Ribbon Storage Box

This Ribbon Storage Box holds up to 27 rolls of ribbons! You know you are going to need more than just one if you are like me!

This desk will fit right in my studio...It matches. I have all white furniture and shelving in my room!
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Another favorite part of my studio. This used to be (USED to be) my son's room. There is Snoopy the Red Baron still hanging from the ceiling fan. I think I will keep him there. Hubby designed this ceiling:D
I bought this cabinet at a thrift shop in Chicago for $5.00. I was going to paint it, but haven't gotten around to it. I am pretty sure it was hand made.
Take a peek inside & see where I can hide all my glitter and beads! My outdated t.v. probably from 1987! Is that considered vintage yet?
A few of my favorite things. Can you see the flowers, lollipops, and dollops in the sherbet dishes? My husband and daughter made this shelf over 10 years ago for her beanie babies.
More supplies and some vintage cards in their boxes.
I guess these photos were taken on May 16.
There's my vintage t.v. again and my guest's chair just in case a visitor pops in. One day I will have more comfy chairs for me and my visitors!
I received these shelving units a few years ago for Christmas from my hubby! This one holds all sorts of supplies and miscellaneous things I MAY need. My sewing machine is in the bottom drawer. The drawers roll out very nicely.
Looks like I need more paper!

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snowflakesoneyelashes said...

Wow, it all looks great!! I love the ceiling in that room and that handmade shelf is really cool. But....where is your poor son now?

Pieceful Bits said...

Don't worry Mary my son has the whole finished basement to himself! You should see how large his room is!
It is double the size of my master bedroom. It is a very nice room.

Thanks for the sweet comments.

creative breathing said...

I love your scraproom! What an amazing cupboard. You would never know it held so much! I so hope you win your desk, I voted each day! E

Jemjoop said...

I'm one of those people that can't get enough of snooping in people's work spaces. It's so inspiring.

Happy Anniversary to you guys too!


Diane said...

I sure do love your Studio, great work area. Sure makes me think about getting more together in my Studio ): I will try!
Hugs, Diane

Nichole said...

I love it all. Where did your husband get the shelving unit? I love those wire drawers, and the shorter shelves next to it are perfect for scrapbook paper.

Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...