Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Antiques and more

Some antiques my parents are selling at a yard sale next week: A sausage/apple press, a corn sheller, and an unknown tool. If anyone knows what the last tool is please let me know. They also have some trunks they are selling. I am having a hard time watching them go, but how many things does one person need. Sometimes it is good to clean out. I may still change my mind about a trunk or two by next week..*wink*wink!

I purchased this book in the Spring at a thift store. I think I paid mere pennies for it. The cover is not in the best shape. I am not sure what I am going to do with it yet, but the inside looks promising for some creative craftiness!! I have always like these kind of books with the simple illustrations. I remember gazing at the pictures for hours. My favorites were always the food illustrations! Go figure! Ice cream, cake, pie, cookies, & cupcakes~YuMYuM.

LOL...see the page I chose to capture. It has ice cream, jelly, grapes, (and you cant see them in the photo) gingerbread man, lemon, and a lollipop!