Thursday, June 10, 2010

Country Living at my Parent's

It is my dad's birthday today. I stopped over for a visit and I should learn to Call first. My parents were gone so I decided to take photos of their yard. Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Welcome to my parent's place..out in the country. A place I call home. I grew up here. All of these lovely yard decorations were not there then. My dad retired a few years ago and this is just one of the things that keeps him occupied. You can find him outside almost anytime you stop over. I always feel at home here.
Isn't this a sweet spot? The bike is chained to the concrete riding away with this beauty.
The walkway is made from field stones. Dad created this 2 years ago just when he retired.
They have had the lattice chair on the left for as long as I can remember. It was extremely rusted and dad rescued it this spring and spent 2 days getting rid of the rust and painting it.

What does one do with extra firewood? Make shiny, happy people, of course.

My sister and I purchased the vintage clippers for dad's present.
Shiny, Happy People each with their own character. This one needed a little plastic surgery.
Would this be considered a country vignette?
Pretty geraniums propped in a wicker basket.
Handmade carts painted in country farm colors.
Wheelbarrows lined in a row close to the roadside. The Honor system is key.

This is THE place to purchase your firewood!

Happy Birthday Dad~Love Ya,


Sherry said...

it looks so peaceful at your parents i can just picture sitting outside and having a cold glass of ice tea!

LaurieStar said...

I love those painted metal chairs - looks inviting! I also love the wooden men! Too cute!

Anonymous said...

It appears he has a fabulous sense of humor and enjoys being retired and just playing at home. Great post!


Creative Breathing said...

Happy Summer Julie! This post has me smiling from ear to ear. It is just so wonderful! I love your Dad's hobby! I think my husband is nearly there. He spends most of his days mowing not only our yard but ALL of the neighbors! Always so happy to hear from you on a pom pom post! Elizabeth

Tracy Suzanne said...

Julie, I love you family home. And I really love your dad's whimsy and cheery colors. Thanks for sharing them with me.

ooxx's...Tracy :)