Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Plastic Lampshade in the room

Poor Baby...This breaks my heart. Kane had perineal hernia surgery and was neutered yesterday.  I felt so helpless while he whined last night. It brought tears to my eyes and heart. No matter how much cuddling and petting we did nothing seemed to help. Finally the sedatives and pain pills helped some but he was out of sorts.
Today I coax him to eat, drink, and rest. He requires many treats to allow me to ice the 2 stitched areas. The hernia incision is 4 inches in length :(

Two weeks of looking at the plastic lampshade in the living room and then he will be brand new, happier Kane. I promise Kane. I really do.

13 days and you will be happily licking your chops, running, playing, and scratching your own ears;)