Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sneak Peak for Christmas in July~Cottage Style Street Team/Etsy

Hubby had knee surgery on Monday. I know it's not fair but I just had to get a shot with this nylon thing on his knee. What was the poor man to me around the room?
The Three Bears asleep in the living room. Poor Hubby on medications for his surgery made his extra sleepy. I dont know what's up with the other 2 bears.

My son, daughter, and her boyfriend playing rockstars!!! Dont they look so enthused?

My daughter is interning this summer at this publication.
And I purchased this book for a whopping dime at our local library! It is a huge hard back book. This one was printed in 1984.


Anonymous said...

haha, yeah they sure don't look like its the highlight of their day.... hahhaha..... that is awesome where your daughter is interning!!!!! and too cool about the find!!

biggest hugs to you and may your husband have a speedy recovery in his nylon stockings :D