Thursday, June 10, 2010

Country Living at my Parent's

It is my dad's birthday today. I stopped over for a visit and I should learn to Call first. My parents were gone so I decided to take photos of their yard. Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Welcome to my parent's place..out in the country. A place I call home. I grew up here. All of these lovely yard decorations were not there then. My dad retired a few years ago and this is just one of the things that keeps him occupied. You can find him outside almost anytime you stop over. I always feel at home here.
Isn't this a sweet spot? The bike is chained to the concrete riding away with this beauty.
The walkway is made from field stones. Dad created this 2 years ago just when he retired.
They have had the lattice chair on the left for as long as I can remember. It was extremely rusted and dad rescued it this spring and spent 2 days getting rid of the rust and painting it.

What does one do with extra firewood? Make shiny, happy people, of course.

My sister and I purchased the vintage clippers for dad's present.
Shiny, Happy People each with their own character. This one needed a little plastic surgery.
Would this be considered a country vignette?
Pretty geraniums propped in a wicker basket.
Handmade carts painted in country farm colors.
Wheelbarrows lined in a row close to the roadside. The Honor system is key.

This is THE place to purchase your firewood!

Happy Birthday Dad~Love Ya,