Sunday, August 29, 2010

Starved Rock Illinois - Nature is Beautiful

An impromptu summer day trip on our motorcycle.
It took us 2.5 hours each way.

The temperature was at least 90 degrees F.
Stopped at Cracker Barrel for breakfast..Yum.
We chose to walk the river route.
Did not realize there was going to be so, so many stairs! I thought I was in shape from running.
I had to stop and rest quite a few times in this one place. It had 155 stairs with a few landing stops.
I've decided that it should be called Thirsty Rock this year. With all the hot, dry weather our area has been having this summer there was not any waterfall action to be seen from the rock formations.
You can see very little moisture on this ledge going into the very shallow, muddy creek.
Nature is beautiful. You just have to stop and enjoy it.
Gorgeous natural landscape.

I told hubby he could go first and I would follow..haha, right!

It's a long way down.
The whole tick and poison ivy warning at the beginning of the trails had me thinking of them the whole trail.
Pretty wildflowers in the middle of the rock...they desperately needed a drink! By this time, I was quite parched myself.
Gorgeous Scenery!
I had to refrain from taking more pictures than I already did.
Don't tell Hubby..every picture he takes of me is blurry. Bless his heart; his hands are a little shaky ~~~
This is a very rare photo of him smiling. He looks so handsome when he smiles. He was goofing off and was trying to emulate the "Thinker". I love a rugged man!
A shot of Starved Rock from far away.
Hello...anybody home?
I was brave and actually peeked inside...all was safe and empty.

Love how the sunlight peeks through the trees.
Would have loved to seen the water streaming from these rocks.
Look out below...
The long and winding path.
Heeheee took this parting shot of hubby and he didn't know!

It was a fun and peaceful day. I was so happy to get home and rest. I want to go back this fall or winter. In winter the Bald Eagles nest there. How cool is that?

Happy Sunday


sassypackrat said...

The kids and I vacationed at Starved Rock about 7 or 8 years back and had a great time. Always meant to go back. We stayed in the Old Lodge. It was so full of real wood paneling and so 1940's. We saw the eagles when we were there. The trails are so awesome but you do have to be in some semblance of shape to hike them! Not sure I could take them on now! I really enjoyed seeing your photos, they brought back so many memories of our time there. Looks like you had a blast!

~kd~ said...

Wow Julie!!! Your pictures are amanzing! What a beautiful place....I have never heard of Starved Rock, it's definitely someplace I'd love to visit! Enjoy your Sunday...maybe even sneak in a cat nap! ♥

Creative Breathing said...

Julie! What a beautiful place! I loved your "Lovers Leap" comment! Clueless me, I would have jumped first and my husband would be free to find a new wife! Such a fun visit! Have a great week ahead! E