Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Oh my Pinkness!

If you have read my Christmas Eve post, you would have seen the large box my hubby had for me under the tree. This is what was in the box...Yay!

Now on with the Pinkness...

Here are the lovebirds without their eyes and beaks.

I didn't end up using the red hearts..I was patiently waiting for polka dot hearts I had ordered off of Etsy.

Ring around the Rosy.

The hearts have arrived today!!! Now to finish my order from my favorite blogger..Elizabeth.

Seriously she orders them by the dozen!

I believe they do make much more of a statement in batches. Sweet Peeps on their way to Ohio.

A few more were made and will be added to my shop in a day or two.

Happy Wednesday and let's hope the weekend is here soon,



Linda Ruthie said...

Polka dots are always worth waiting for. Adorable! I'm sure we'll be seeing them nesting in Elizabeth's craft room very soon.
Enjoy your coffee. I was also blessed by my family with a Keurig coffe maker this Christmas. Yay!
Have a happy day!

Creative Breathing said...

Holy Pink Tweets! Julie they are all so absolutely perfectly perfect. I always think things are cuter in large batches, hence 12! I have just gotten my glass jar to keep my bluebirds in, oh my gosh are they ever cute in there! I will share a photo on flickr soon. Did I cover your shipping Julie? I forgot to ask before mailing. Just let me know. Thank you again for your tweetness! E

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

All these little chickies are SO precious!!! Looks like you had a great Christmas. : )

Folksie Linda said...

They are so adorable..will you be doing Valentine houses as well this year? i hope so.. my daughter snagged mine last year and she almost tried to snag my new one on Christmas and i said oh no..not that one..thank you! Go to etsy and buy your own! Hugs, Linda

debbie said...

OMG!!! I love PINK! I love CUTE!! These are ADORABLE!

P.S. Isn't Keurig coffee awesome! K-Cups are equal to gold at my house...ENJOY!