Monday, November 15, 2010

Glitter Cupcakes in the shop

New cupcake ornaments just added to my shop. I love this pink looks like fine shredded pink coconut.

A set of green striped and polka dotted cupcakes with pink cherry hearts on top. These are made from up-cycled chipboard. Green Baker's Twine is used for the hanger.

A set of two blue glittery cupcakes with a pink cherry heart on top!

A great sale on my Halloween ornaments here and here.

More to come to my shop this week...sneak preview right here:

Remember my garland ? I followed Creative Breathing's garland-a-long instructions but added my own twist on the hanging base. I have made a few of these to add to my etsy shop. They will be a blank canvas for you to add your own handmade or purchased creations. The items will hang from the buttons and the ribbons and you can even loop them over the garland base.

These goodies and more~ Stay tuned.

Hope your week is SWEET!