Monday, December 22, 2008

Featured Lollishops and Thompson Family Blog

The sweet Sadie Lou featured me on Lollishops Blog today after seeing my cupcake cottage and glitter cottages on Danielle Thompson's blog. YaY!!

Danielle's photos look way better than mine! She ordered these 3 cottages from me earlier this month! I luv her style and she is a sweetie. Her boys are super cute to boot. Check out her popular blog.

I went ahead and made an extra one while I was filling Danielle's order...Here it is. Wish I was a better photographer. New Year's resolution perhaps??? Danielle knows how to capture the sweetness in her photos;)
I like Sadie's name for them "Sugar Shacks"
Last one for sale this season! Get yourself one, you will love it!
Happy Day,


Angela Harris said...

Wow, These sugary cottages are beautiful. They look like so much work. Well done. I'm angela Harris, come visit me anytime :)